Glass Bongs

Smoking Straight Tube with Fixed Flat Disc Height 25cm

Product: 3D Glass Bongs
Height: 25cm
Pcs/ctn: 20
Colors: Customized

Straight Tube Bongs Description

Straight tube bongs are some of the most popular bongs on the market. As the name suggests, straight tube bongs are simply straight tubes made of glass. They are typically fitted with a bowl at the bottom and a stem that extends into the water chamber. Straight tube water pipes are easy to use and clean, which makes them a great option for first-time bong buyers.


Straight Tube Bongs Specifications:

Product: 3D Glass Bongs

Height: 25cm

Pcs/ctn: 20

Colors: Customized

Why Choose a Classic Straight Tube Bongs?

The classic straight tube design of this bong not only appeals to aesthetic senses but also ensures minimal residue build-up, simplifying cleaning. The inclusion of a triple-pinched ice catcher lets you enhance your smoking experience by filling the bong with ice cubes for cooler, smoother hits.

So if you are on the lookout for a unique straight tube ice bong to add to your glass Bongs collection, you have found your perfect match.









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