Smoking User Guide: What’s a Smoking Pipe?

glass bong

What is a smoking pipe?

A large variety of pipes is widely available in shops or by mail order.

When using a pipe it’s possible to smoke a combination with tobacco or to just smoke your favorite smoking blend pure. Place a small amount on a wire mesh or screen in the head of the pipe and light it whilst dragging on the other end.


Our modern smoking pipe is copied from traditional smoking pipes of Indian tribes. They considered their pipe as a connection between heaven and earth. Pipes were also used in Asia, Africa and India. The Aztecs used a hollow piece of reed to smoke with.

From the 15th century onwards, the pipe has flourished in Europe. Nowadays, pipes are made of nearly all sorts of material like glass, stone, metal, wood and bamboo. Each of these materials has it’s own pro’s and con’s. The consumer mostly chooses the model that they like best or which is easiest to clean.

How to use a water pipe or a bong?

Using a water pipe or a bong ensures you that the feeling you’ll get is very pure as you don’t need to use tobacco and the smoke is filtered by water.

However, you won’t always have the time nor the place to use a bong or a water pipe. Smoking Pipes are great for their ease of use and portability. Beware of the fact that using extra tobacco will make you feel dull and tired sooner. Instead of feeling more energy you’ll feel tired. Some amongst us like this, but if you don’t: do not combine!

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