Manufacturing basic things for Glass Bongs

glass bong

What is a bong?

A bong is a sealed chamber half-full with water. A pipe with a bowl on the end goes into the chamber under water level. Another pipe with a mouthpiece on the end enters the chamber and stays above water level. You put tobacco in the bowl, light it and suck on the mouthpiece. This will lower the air pressure in the chamber, causing air to travel from the bowl, through the water, into the chamber and into your lungs.


As the smoke enters the chamber through the water the smoke cools down and a large part of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water. When you remove your thumb from the hole, the smoke shoots straight up into your lungs, so beware!

It is thought that the bong is older then the original water pipe and is actually the predecessor of its Ottoman family member. The theory states that thousands of years ago Asian explorers took their smoking systems with them on their long travels and left their bongs at Ottoman trading places.

How to Use a Glass Bong?

When smoking your favourite smoking blend with a water pipe you shouldn’t use tobacco. This way you’ll only get pure herbal ingredients in your lungs creating a feeling that is intensive and clear.

The water in the bong filters toxins like tar from the herbs. A bong seems similar to a water pipe but the feeling you get from it is different. With a water pipe one slowly draws the smoke through a hose and water.

Using a bong the smoke will pass the water very quickly and shoots right up into your lungs. You’ll feel it right away, where the effect of a water pipe is more relaxed.

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